Mini Battery Pack For iPhone and iPod Now Available

Kensington, a leading manufacturer of electronic device accessories rolled out their new mini battery pack and charger that they designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod. This small, dock-connecting battery powers and charges the iPod or iPhone and gives the user an extended playing time of up to 30 hours for music, 6 hours of video playback, and 3 hours of talk time. A high-capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery pack and LED battery meter is housed within the compact black plastic shell and there is a retractable USB charging cable with it for charging the battery pack via your computer. Selling price for this mini battery pack is $50.

iPhone Software 2.0 Has Interesting Additional Feature

The beta version of the iPhone Software Version 2.0 comes with an interesting new handwriting recognition interface that has been designed for the Chinese language. Build number 5A258f of the software added new Chinese input methods on the international keyboard setting menu. Of the addition was handwriting recognition. Currently it is only available for traditional and simplified Chinese and does not support other languages, including English. To use, users would draw the symbol on the touch screen and then the program will offer them what it perceives to be the best character from the matches the phone presents the user. The handwriting recognition works in both portrait and landscape modes and the iPod Software 2.0 version is scheduled to be released in late June.

Austria Gets T-Mobile

The new 3G iPhone from T-Mobile is going to be on the international market shortly and that the country of Austria has been chosen as a test market for the new handset device. Austria will be one of the first countries to get the new iPhone can be used on T-Mobile prepaid phone plans for those who choose to use that type of billing and according to T-Mobile sources, the 3G will have more flexible pricing than many of their older phone models. Sources in Austria have confirmed that they will be receiving the iPhone, which has UMTS-support, but were unauthorized to say exactly when the country would see them and start market testing.

Pink ‘Strength’ Case Available for iPhone and iPod Nano

As part of Avon’s Breast Cancer Crusade campaign that helps women get medical care and funding to fight their breast cancer, Otterbox has announced the release of their new limited edition pink ‘Strength’ Defender series case for the iPod Nano with video and the iPhone. 10% of the purchase price of the Pink ‘Strength’ Defender case – which I identical the rest of the series except in pink – will be donated to Avon’s cause. The case for the iPhone costs $50 and the case of the iPod Nano costs $30.

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