iPhone TV Apps You Can't Miss

Sometimes it seems as though there truly is an app for just about anything, including TV. There are a few excellent apps for those who love their favorite TV shows and to do not want to miss a thing. Here are four popular apps to check out.


Those who love the show and those who love to sing will enjoy this app. Known as Glee Karaoke, this app allows users to sing along with their favorite songs from the show, some that come free with program and others that can be bought separately. The app even offers assistance with pitch correction to make the final product less embarrassing. Cost: $2.99

Food Network Nightmare

This free app has been around for a while and allows users to access amazing recipes from their favorite shows as well as behind the scenes clips and popular moments from their favorite shows. There is also a channel schedule to make sure that app users can make sure to always catch their favorite shows.


When some of the most popular shows on TV are on one channel, such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad, it makes getting a single app all the more rewarding. This free app offers behind the scenes clips, interviews, news, blogs, episode recaps/reviews, and information about upcoming episodes.

The Colbert Report’s “The Word”

The dedicated producers of this app have collected each airing of Stephen Colbert’s segment known as “The Word” and organized the segments into searchable databases that allow app users to watch the clips whenever they want. Cost: $.99

DirecTV App

This app allows TV lovers with DirecTV to bring their television experience with them everywhere. This app, which is compatible with iPhones 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 as well as the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation iPod touches, and the iPad, streams the AUDIENCE Network, select channels, and shows from popular channels such as HBO, Cinemax, STARZ, and Encore. The phone does have to be connected to the home DirecTV network, but it can be used anywhere inside or outside the home where the signal can be reached. Having access to the thousands of On Demand channels means that users can relax and watch TV on their iPhone out on their hammock or even (carefully) while taking a leisurely bath. If you don’t have DirecTV yet SaveOnTVDirect runs special offers for first time sign ups.

Other fun features, such as the capacity to use the app to record movies through DirecTV Cinema to watch anywhere in the home, are excellent for promoting easy access to all the popular programming. Parents will also enjoy the continued ability to set parental controls for children watching shows through the app so they feel peace of mind concerning their programming. Many users enjoy the capacity to browse shows up to fourteen days in advance as well as the ability to browse for shows without interrupting what they are currently watching. The connection between the app and the rest of the internet also allows for sharing favorite shows on Twitter and Facebook.

Between apps created for particular shows as well as for live streaming through the popular provider DirecTV, the iPhone offers excellent opportunities for the latest in TV technology.

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