iiPod and iPhone users have the distinct advantage of being able to carry their favorite videos around with them and watch them whenever they wish by loading them onto their electronic devices. But in order to do that they need to convert the original media file into an iPod readable format using iPod video converter software. These programs can change the file structure of the original quickly and easily so user can get with on their lives without having to wait hours for their videos to burn.

The iPod video conversion software by Cucusoft is one of the easiest video converter programs on the market and costs an affordable $29.95 to purchase. This user-interface is very basic and easy to understand and there are very few advanced settings to worry about. Beginner users like that the most about this software and they can use it with minimal instruction. Cucusoft’s iPod video converter program can change the field structure of DivX, XviD, MOW, RM, RMVB, MPEG, WMV, and AVI videos and turn them into the appropriate MPEG-4 format for playback. Users will find that the iPod quality is just as clear, sharp, and intelligible as the original and no quality has been lost. Cucusoft’s program also has a way to preview what the video will look like by displaying it in the view screen of a true-life image of an iPod.

The following instructions are how you use the Cucusoft iPod video converter program to convert all of videos into a format that can be used on your iPod and iPhone.

1. Install the Cucusoft iPod video converter software onto your personal computer by following the set-up direction. Upon installation, launch the program.

2. Click the ‘Open File’ and then select the video file that you wish to convert into an iPod format. The file could be on your hard drive, in the disk drives, or even on an outside media source.

3. Select the ‘Output’ button and tell the program where you want the file to be saved. You can save it on your hard drive for later uploading to your iPod, or you can save it directly to your iPod if you choose. If you are practicing using the converter so that you get a better feel for it, create a ‘Junk’ folder that can be deleted later.

4. Review everything, click the ‘Convert’ button and go get a drink or a snack. When you come back to the computer, your program will be converted and placed on you iPod, or ready to be uploaded to your iPod for your enjoyment.

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